Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Not too shabby...

I guess David's Bridal needs a public apology from me...I wasn't too positive about the Vera Wang collection for DB. Not that I doubted Vera!! I've always loved her, although I think she tends to overdue it with the whole "let me take over the entire universe and everything in it with Vera Wang labels" marketing strategy that she's on.

She went from beautiful wedding dresses to china to mattresses to David's Bridal. I guess that's what's building an empire is all about. BRANDING. So as I was grocery shopping I saw an ad for the collection in a magazine that I was "steal" reading. Not too bad! Seriously! Bridesmaids dresses are usually hideous but the one I saw was actually beautiful:) I might even go an check it out this week.

I love a great bridesmaids dress!!! Who doesn't?!!