Wednesday, April 27, 2011

RIO: My Life as a 7 year-old

Rio! This is one of the best animated films I have ever seen. I'm obsessed. Obviously "the Kid" and his best friend Q loved it, although I have a hard time believing they enjoyed it more than moi. I love having this little guy around as I find him to be extremely useful when wanting to go see a children's movie. I do a lot of silly/crazy things and very little bother me. I will however not go and watch a cartoon in a movie theatre by myself. There's actually something rather off about that...could be just moi:) It all starts when Blue, a blue bird of some sort (endangered specie) has to move back home to Rio de Janeiro in order to reunite with his own people (birds). Since I have the bad habit of revealing too much when discussing movies that I've seen I will finish this sentence by simply stating that this movie is wonderful. What a great story and a beautiful message about belonging. I recommend everyone to go see it. I laughed, I didn't cry (not a looser)...and I laughed some more.

I will be buying this movie for my daddy...he will love it, and perhaps for my love:)