Tuesday, April 05, 2011


I finally got around to watching OSCAR Award winning filmmaker Davis Guggelheim's documentary; Waiting for Superman. I've been meaning to watch it since it first came out but didn't get around to it until now and I have to say that I am pissed!!! It is scary how the educational system in this country works. I love America and the opportunities that come with living here but it's ridiculous that the development of young children is being compromised due to failing school systems and worthless teachers. Since I was not born or raised here and moved to the States as an adult I wasn't fully aware of the poor educational system in this country. Education is a necessity and it's a matter of survival, confidence and being able to become a competitive force with several options, IT'S NOT A JOKE!

Michelle Rhee, former Chancellor of D.C. Public Schools has been a key force in the fight for children. After resigning as Chancellor she founded STUDENTS FIRST (studentsfirst.org) a non profit organization based in Washington DC. The purpose of the organization is to fight and demand a better educational system in America.

Let's all do what we can to try to fix this problem!!!

Please visit www.waitingforsuperman.com and find your city and find out how you can help. It matters!!!