Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Is this the only way you would go camping?

Yesterday evening I got an email from my friend Jamie in New York. The email came with a picture and one single sentence "I thought of you when I saw this, is this the only way you would go camping." How am I supposed to interpret this??? Is she saying that I am too stuck up to camp the "normal" way, without bringing an entire condo? Ooor, is she simply saying that I am eclectic with great taste? Honestly this really is the only way I would ever go camping...again, YES, I've done it before and it was one of the most horrific experiences ever. It was moi and my bästis Nadja Afeworki and a bunch of other people and we almost died. Obviously I'm not over dramatizing a bit. We were 17 or 18, who knows, all I know is that I negotiated with God to get me out of there in one piece. It was in Europe and the weather over there is no joke, it's always extreme one way or the other. So to our fortune we got to taste the worst blizzard storm in that country in over 15 years. What are the freakin' odds?? I blame Nad! She attracts stuff like that. My daddy told me that I shouldn't go, while my mother pushed me and said "it will make you strong". Hmm...who loves me the most?

Anyway, back to J...I'm thinking I should delete her off my Facebook for a little while. That will teach her a lesson.