Monday, April 18, 2011

Seen @ Scene

This Saturday I went with a few friends to this new place in Downtown Atlanta called Scene. The place reminds me of a pop art gallery. They have a beautiful backdrop for the bar that I wanted to steal!  Anyway, my friend L bought me a glass of wine. In turn I decided that I kind of didn't want it I did what I always do when I order a glass of wine that I have no intention on drinking: water the plants with it (relax PETA or whatever vegetable organization I'm offending right now) ooor I dump it in the ice bucket on the table. Usually it's smooth sailing after that, however, this time was a tad bit different. After pouring the wine into the ice bucket I sort of thought that L saw me. I felt kind of embarrassed as I thought he was offended. So there I was "Seen @ Scene". I did what I always do when I think I'm busted...I confess.

Moi: Sorry!
L: Sorry about what???
Moi: Hmm, for throwing away the drink you bought for me...(yes, I am an idiot who just told on myself). Never mind.
L: Oh, I don't care. You didn't like it?
Moi: I don't know, just didn't want it. I thought you would get annoyed that I just poured it out.
L: Poured it out where?
Moi: In the ice bucket.
L: What??!!!!! (L changed). Why would you pour it out there??!!! Why are you messing with my ice??? We put it in our drinks!!! AAAAAAAHhhhh!!! would think L was over doing it but I get it, he was simply grossed out. I totally understand, but to my defense, there were bottles in that bucket...I just assumed that it was just there to cool the bottles off. Just saying. He asked me why I even said yes to the wine in the first reply was simply; "it would have been rude to say no".

Ps. L just corrected me...stating that I misquoted him. Apparently I forgot the part where he called me disgusting and inconsiderate...Ouch!!!  

Aster w/ Sammy (The owner)