Friday, April 15, 2011

Twist and Eat

For some reason my favorite part of a menu is the appetizers. This is the part where you're able to mix and match and be your own chef, ok, not really, but almost, ok, just kidding, but almost, kind of...(don't know why I'm trying to explain myself). I love ordering different types of foods that come in small does make me order so much more, but it's ok...I can eat:) I was at Twist in Buckhead earlier today having a late lunch. I would tell you what I ordered but I don't remember the name of was however a mini steak with blue cheese and cherry tomatoes. It was good. I'll let you know what it's called next time I go there. One thing I love about Twist is their great customer service and how consistent they are with it. I can't remember one time where I've gotten irritated due to poor service, and by now I'm sure everyone is aware of how sensitive I am when it comes to worthless service. Especially if I'm paying, it turns me into something out of a horror movie. No joke!