Wednesday, April 13, 2011


As I was dying from hunger...literally about to slip into a coma I decided to walk down the street and have dinner at Bocado. I've always wanted to go there...perhaps it was the red bullseye O in the middle of their sign that keeps dragging me that way? I don't know. Whatever it was it worked...and in I went. Sad to say, I'm not that impressed. I will provide you guys with a step-by-step scenario reenactment (as most investigators provide when a crime has been committed).

Sooo, here we go:

1) We walk in only to be seated by a living dead guy (super dry, no emotions).
2) Our server was better than the greater. He was actually times.
3) I asked for no pickles in my burger, as I find pickles to be the grossest thing in the universe.
4) Our food arrives.
5) My burger came with the PICKLES I specifically stated that I didn't want!!! Yes people, it had PICKLES!!! Now I face a different dilemma...I hate picking and refurnishing food, sooo, I eat around the PICKLES! Yes, I did!
6) There was one server who did not seem to belong there, I only way that because he was actually really nice with a very happy demeanor.
7) Since my phone was about to die, I asked the nice server if I could possibly plug in my phone for a few minutes, and obviously the nice guy said "suuuuuure" and even plugged it in for me. I was happy.
8) 10 seconds later I see OUR server gallop towards me 4000 miles an hour, only to tell me that if the restaurant filled up I would have to move my phone.
9) Hmm?
10) Hmm!
11) I counted how many people were in the restaurant, including us and there were 15 people seated.
12) We ate...
13) ...we paid...
14) ...and we left!

Verdict: The burger was good, so were the fries, service was horrendous.


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