Friday, April 15, 2011

They're called Bear-Snacks Viktorya

"The Kid" 
Children are so refreshing. I find it to be so entertaining that this little seven year old always try to re-raise me. Although at times I find it to be slightly on the annoying side, I have to admit that it is very interesting. So "the Kid" who has become somewhat of a sidekick to me (don't worry, I have other friends) was watching me while I was working on the computer. He was sitting across the table from moi munching on some crackers. Since I threatened to lock him up in the trunk of my car if he uttered one single word (don't judge he was stressing me out) I kind of felt sorry for him. His little head looked ready to explode due to the fact that his mouth had to stay shut, so I decided to take a break and speak to him for a few minutes (good deed of the day people). This is pretty much how the conversation went:

"Moi": May I please have one?
"The Kid": Sure. Take that one (pointing at a zip lock bag with crackers in it)...(and "the Kid" goes on...)...You know they're called Bear Snacks.
"Moi": Really?
"The Kid": Aha (slightly excited).
"Moi": That doesn't really make sense to me but ok.
"The Kid's Mother": They're Wheat-Thins Viktorya.
"Moi": Oh, ok. my day making stuff up equalled a severe beat-down. Just saying.

Ps. Gotta love kids.