Sunday, April 17, 2011

Nathan's Mom and Dad

This past Friday I had a very interesting conversation with Moses, my cousin Helen's husband. It's not out of the ordinary that we have these long and intriguing discussions (although they live back in Europe and I'm here in America). This time we were talking about parenting. We were discussing what great parenting is and how certain environments make it extremely challenging to be just that, a great parent. Mos, a psychology graduate has a great understanding of human behavior, that combined with the actual challenges of being a young father to a little boy makes him a great person to have this conversation with. I've seen both my cousin Helen and Moses be wonderful and loving parents to Nathan and I've seen them tackle every single challenge that has been thrown their way. As they experienced great difficulties with Nate's health when he was born. Thank God he's well now but they really went though it. Everyone who ever meets them are amazed of how strong and loving they are, towards each other and to Nate. This little boy was born into the right family, he has parents that would move mountains for him:) as should every great parent. I can't wait until I have children of my own and they are able to play and grow up with Nate.