Friday, April 22, 2011

According to Abdella, I need Twitter Friends

This is my Eri brother/friend Abdella, he'a an architect student and a photographer. In many ways we are like Oprah and Gayle, Puff and Mase (back in the day), Thelma and get the idea. Anyway...he knows everything about blogging and he tells me every time I suck or when I'm acting crazy. Although he is younger than moi, there are times when he actually comes off as an Eritrean mother. Seriously. He always makes a lot of sense and although at times I feel like juijitsu-ing him down the block, I adore him. He has been a great motivator in this whole blog thing, however, today he basically told me I'm a looser for not having any twitter friends (I do have friends on twitter, 19 as a matter of fact). I haven't been good with the whole twitter thing. That's about to change though. Add me on twitter @ViktoryaAbraham or through the link on'll start putting up deals, contests, give-aways...whatever else I can to make myself look fun and interesting:)

Abdella aka Dr. Internet